VG30 RB25 Ignition Chip (PTU) Bypass Harness.


This harness replaces your factory ignition chip (PTU) when upgrading to smart coils like R35, R8, LS, etc. This is a plug and play solution to save you time cutting, splicing and soldering. Your conversion would also be completely reversible.


-Suitable for VG30 (as well as DETT) and RB25 engine models.

-If you prefer different color wires (will come red by default), please make a note during checkout.

-Free shipping in the USA.


Note: When upgrading to "smart coils", it is necessary to adjust ignition dwell times through your ECU's interface to match the coil model that you are using.

Polar Engineering VG30 RB25 Ignition Chip (PTU) Bypass Harness

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