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***This is an order page for group buy of Polar Engineering headlight lenses and a Bi-Xenon retrofit kit. Please read all information, disclaimers and production timelines carefully.***

-Composite lenses are coming back for a group buy. OEM fitment that people absolutely love. Please refer to product reviews and customer photos on my Instagram.
-We are starting lenses production on Monday, April 8th 2024.

-Just like last Black Friday Sale, we are producing 50 sets only!

-Projector adapters are going to be made in house according to demand.

-Lenses production takes about 21 days, so these kits will be delivered in the first two weeks of May 2024.

-You are able to bundle projector retrofit brackets and Morimoto H1 Mini 8.0 Bi-Xenon projectors with this group buy.
-These are 2.5" (same as factory) Bi-Xenon (low/high beam function) projectors.

-Retrofit brackets are made using industrial grade 3D printed carbon fiber infused nylon. It is extremely strong and is rated for 150*C constant working temperature. Brackets come with mounting hardware and a rear cap.

-This retrofit kit retains all factory headlight adjustment functions, is a complete bolt-on and requires no permanent modifications.


NISSAN Z32 300ZX Composite Headlight Lenses is another project that was simmering on my to-do list for quite a while. Just like Nissan released factory facelift parts (JDM 99Spec) at the end of 90s, I felt that there was a way to further freshen up the front end of Z32s (and Lamborghini Diablos) by using a modern, composite headlight lenses without fluting. After many trials and errors with different manufacturing approaches, I was able to produce a direct replacement lenses by using polycarbonate injection molding.


Some goals that I wanted to meet with this project:


  • Manufacturing a direct replacement headlight lenses.
  • Producing a lenses without fluting or alignment tool mounting points.
  • Achieving a superior material clarity.
  • Post processing the injection molded lenses according to industry standards with UV resistant coating.




-Direct replacement Nissan Z32 and Lamborghini Diablo headlight lenses.

-The lenses are manufactured via polycarbonate injection molding. This process yields high quality composite parts in a repeatable manner.

- New Polar Engineering lenses retain a ridge on a bottom flange surface and seamlessly snaps into a matching groove on a headlight housing.

-The lenses accept factory weather-stripping and mounting brackets.

-POLAR logo is molded into the upper section of each lens. It is not visible once lens is installed using factory weather strip and retaining brackets.


NOTE: four metal spring clips are no longer used during installation.




-One set of two lenses (left and right side).

-Installation and care tips




- USD350.00 plus shipping.

NISSAN Z32 300ZX Composite Headlight Lenses

$300.00 Regular Price
$240.00Sale Price
  • We are starting lenses production on Monday, April 8th 2024. Lenses production takes about 21 days, so these kits will be delivered in the first two weeks of May 2024.

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