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In the past year I have done a significant amount of development work on Nissan Z32 300ZX electronic throttle control. My goal is to bring to the market a bolt-on DBW solution for Z32 intake manifolds that utilize factory style throttle body arrangement. The DBW conversion system is in final stages of testing and looks to be very promising. It will be available for closed group testing in coming weeks and will be released to public this spring. Once this system hits the market, I want to be able to offer a complete conversion kit that would cover everyone’s needs. Such kit would not be complete without a matching set of throttle bodies. 


Introducing Polar Engineering Z32 300ZX 62mm Billet Throttle Bodies.


I am not reinventing multivariable calculus with this project. In essence, these work on same principles as other throttle bodies worked for over 100 years. At the same time, automotive technology continues to evolve letting us bring new materials and machining techniques to the table during manufacturing. Furthermore, with computer aided CFD analysis, we can optimize flow characteristics even further.


Some goals that I wanted to meet with this project:


  • Manufacturing a billet set of throttle bodies for Z32 platform that are specifically designed for high boost applications AS WELL AS handling intake manifold vacuum at idle and deceleration conditions.
  • Offering the largest throttle body bore diameter while going away from factory, paper-style gaskets in favor of high temperature o-rings. The 62mm bore is also the largest bore diameter that the factory style manifolds can be opened up for without running a risk of thinning out castings beyond safe limits.
  • Significantly reducing throttle plate shaft cross-sectional area and giving it a more aerodynamic, elliptical profile. By using move favorable shaft and hardware profiles, we are able to reduce turbulence and promote laminar flow through the assembly. For those who are wondering, yes, shaft-less throttle body design would help with this even further, but since passenger side throttle body has a travel limit adjustment on the opposite side of spring mechanism, a shaft-less throttle plate would eventually become deformed from all the “hammering”.
  • An option to upgrade to a more modern style of single channel throttle position sensor (throttle by cable), as well as dual channel sensor required for DBW conversion. Of course, you will be able to use a factory Z32 TPS as well.
  • Use of high quality, corrosion resistant materials like anodized 6061 aluminum alloy for the housing, 2024-T3 throttle plates and stainless steel shafts as well as all hardware.
  • Use of high pressure shaft seals that are suitable for high boost, as well as manifold vacuum. These seals were recommended to me and are used in other aftermarket throttle bodies on turbocharged vehicles. During testing, these held 35psi and 28inHg (limited by my gauge setup).
  • Offering these as a regular production setup and making it available in various anodized finishes to suit everyone’s preferences.




-Direct bolt-on throttle body solution for manifolds with factory throttle body configuration.

-Housing construction 6061, throttle plates 2024-T3, shaft/hardware stainless.

-Factory paper gasket is replaced by a high temperature o-ring.

-Thinned, streamlined throttle body shaft with elliptical profile.

-Two high pressure seals and two bearings per throttle body.

-Default configuration is utilizing HELLA throttle position sensor. Factory throttle position sensor mounting plate is available as an option at the same cost.

-It would be required to move your factory throttle body return mechanism over from your factory throttle bodies over to these units.

-You would need to open up inlets on your intake manifolds to 62mm diameter.

-Default anodized color options: clear silver, black, red.

-Any custom color: $80 fee per set.

-You will also have an option to send in your old throttle bodies to have return mechanism removed, cleaned, ceramic coated and installed on your new throttle bodies with new mechanism bushings. That service is available for additional $100. If are interested in that, please contact me after placing an order and I will send an additional invoice.

-POLAR logo is engraved on top surface of each of these throttle bodies. Its outline will be done in very fine print and barely visible from distance.




-Set of two throttle bodies (left and right side) finished in color of your choice and with a throttle position sensor mounting of your choice.

-Two high temperature o-rings to seal throttle bodies against your intake manifold.

-Eight M8 bolts to secure throttle bodies to your intake manifold.

NISSAN Z32 300ZX Billet Throttle Bodies (62MM)

$700.00 Regular Price
$650.00Sale Price
  • These throttle bodies will be priced at USD 650.00 ($18 shipped in the USA) (I am happy to ship worldwide at buyer's cost which should be around USD 70-85) per set. If you are ordering from South Pacific region, please contact Robert Sidaway at RGS Performance.

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