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About Us
Polar Engineering is a group of engineers and automotive fanatics. We live and breathe auto performance and motorsports. Ever since each one of us was a little kid, we stared at machines in awe waiting for just the right moment to come closer and see what's inside that makes that pile of metal come to life. Of course, as a child, opportunities to do so were rare and we mostly had to settle for LEGOs.
Now, we have a unique opportunity to modify our favorite automotive platforms to reach new levels of performance. To us, driving is one of the most exhilarating and liberating experiences. A perfectly tuned machine works in unison with its driver. We want to feel that bond every time we get behind the wheel and that is why we hate driving boring cars.​Over the years of reading countless forum pages and nights spent wrenching on our cars, we became experts on a number of automotive platforms. We are thankful to the engineers who created these machines and we respect the work of those who offer aftermarket parts to make these cars even better, but we feel like there is still a lot of work to do.
​Our goal is to engineer and manufacture products that will take performance to the next level, to address inherent issues that these cars have and to make servicing these vehicles a breeze. We completely invest ourselves in research/development, we do not cut corners on any of our projects and we produce absolutely the highest quality parts using the best-suited materials for the application. ​
All our parts and assemblies are designed and prototyped in our California office. We look forward to helping you reach and surpass all your performance goals.
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