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At Polar Engineering, we are fully dedicated to bringing ideas to life. Working out of our California office, we do all our research, development and prototyping in house. Years of previous experience helped us find and form great business relationships with USA based manufacturers that use only top quality materials for all our products.  We would be happy to help you with:

Engineering and design
There are cases when parts that you need simply do not exist. We also have you covered! We will find a solution to your problem, design it within the shortest time frame and give you an option to fabricate it for you or let you do that at your own pace and choice of manufacturer.

We are sure you will love our designs! The next step would be to bring a digital version to life. Depending on the application, we will 3D print your parts using our in house machines. We are able to print using most available filaments, ranging from PLA to carbon fiber reinforced plastics that can also be heat treated to achieve high strength and thermal resistance.

You will be impressed by the quality, finish, and strength of your 3D printed parts. While they will work great for air ducts and simple brackets, high load bearing applications will require stronger materials. In those cases, we are able to assist with various forms of manufacturing ranging from vacuum forming to laser/plasma cutting and  CNC machining using the most modern equipment. Our quotes will be competitive whether you plan to produce 1 or 10000. We will send you a detailed quote the same business day and if you accept, begin manufacturing the next day. Shortest possible lead times without compromise to fit and finish is our priority.

Most quality performance parts are made of top-shelf materials, but if you demand absolutely the best performance from your rotating assembly or want to battle heat radiated from your exhaust parts, we have an array of options for you. We offer all types of heat barrier, low friction, and oil shedding coatings. We can easily coat engine internals using coatings that do not affect tolerances and greatly reduce friction. We can also have your exhaust parts and turbine housings ceramic coated to reduce heat and improve spool up.

Engine builds
Factory engine can only take so much. If you are planning to increase the output beyond factory levels, it is a good idea to get the whole assembly ready. We will help you select the right parts to achieve your specific performance goals. We will also do all necessary upgrades to make sure you can take full advantage of your new parts. All assembly will be done in house with careful records.

Suspension upgrades and set up
We have beautiful roads in California! Take advantage of them with suspension upgrades to your vehicle. Whether you simply want stiffer sway bars or an all-out suspension upgrade using high-performance coilover kit, we will do it all for you. Unlike some shops, we will not just throw your parts together and hope for the best. All wheel alignment will be performed at the end of all jobs requiring ride height or suspension link changes. If you want the top performance out of your new setup, we will corner balance your vehicle as well.

We only do high-performance brake system upgrades and can help you source parts whether you want us to put together a big brake kit or install a complete aftermarket upgrade. We will bleed and bed you brakes in at the end of the job. Your car will be ready to go the moment you get in.
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