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Nissan Z32 300ZX uses a rather large factory throttle position sensor with additional functions that are no longer used once factory engine management is upgraded. For those of you with upgraded ECUs, who want to install a more compact TPS with less electrical noise and solid mounting, there a very simple conversion that is now available.


A small, 6061 billet aluminum adapter plate installs directly on your factory style or RobZ throttle body. The adapter gets secured with two countersunk bolts. TPS sensor installs onto an adapter, makes an tight o-ringed seal and is held in place by a two bolts. This makes for a very clean installation especially for those who strive to keep their engine bays as close to a factory look as possible, and also those with wire tucked show cars.


Genuine HELLA sensor is slim and only uses one 3-wire connector for: ground, +5V and signal output. There are many part numbers for this sensor design. The one that is included with this kit is specific to this conversion for sensor sweep angle and sensor shaft style. These sensor is very popular with Motec standalones. Calibration range would need to be updated in your engine management interface and should not take longer than a couple of minutes to perform.


What is included in this coversion kit:


  • CAD designed, billet aluminum 6061 adapter plate that is Type II anodized silver of black.
  • Mounting hardware (stainless steel with hex drive)
  • Electrical connector for TPS sensor (3-wire connector with terminals and insulators)
  • Genuine HELLA, application specific throttle position sensor
  • PDF document with installation instructions





  • Mounting adapter for factory style or RobZ throttle body
  • Black or silver anodized finish

NISSAN Z32 300ZX Mounting Adapter for HELLA TPS Sensor

  • This conversion will only work with aftermarket engine management system that allows you to alter TPS calibration data in its interface.

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