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This is an order page for VG30DE/TT billet valve covers.

For detailed product description, please visit the "blog" page.


***I have 7 avaialble sets of aluminum valve covers already machined and ready for anodizing. Current delivery times (as of July 15th, 2024): 1-2 weeks for aluminum versions and 3-5 weeks for magnesium versions.***


These valve covers are designed to work with VG30DE/TT engines found in Nissan Z32 300ZX cars (and numerous others).


Quick product overview:
- This is a set for all 4 valve covers for VG30DE/TT engine.

- Valve covers are available in aluminum and magnesium (please note that magnesium version is made to order and will have a 5 week wait time).

- CAD designed baffles located under vent ports.

- Custom viton gaskets on all 4 valve covers (your set will come with 1 set of gaskets installed and you have an option to purchase an additional set).

- Valve covers are available in anodized silver or black color. Custom anodized colors are available for $50 extra.

- You have a choice of hardware: Zinc silver, Zinc yellow, or stainless steel. 

- Set of four valve covers to suit once VG30DE/TT engine.
- One set of custom vitom gaskets.
- Mounting hardware.

- Aluminum version USD950.00 plus shipping.
- Magnesium version USD1250.00 plus shipping.


ALL SOUTH PACIFIC ORDERS: please reach out to RGS Performance in NSW.

NISSAN Z32 300ZX Billet Valve Covers

$950.00 Regular Price
$850.00Sale Price
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