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GROUP BUY: NISSAN Z32 300ZX Ignition Coil Mounting Plate Kit


Thank you to all those who expressed your interest in an ignition coil conversion kit that I am offering for Z32 300ZX platform. So far we have 25+ vehicles that have been converted using this kit, not only in USA, but all over the world. I completely understand that a large number of people were interested in this conversion, but held off until this product got tested in the real world and actual customer results got documented. We now have just that. Plenty of videos available of VG30DETT running on GTR R35 ignition coils, without PTUs and smoother than ever. I think the product speaks for itself and performs as promised. If you are not familiar with the product yet, please find it listed on my site with pictures and detailed description. Putting this kit together was a challenge due to inherent space constraints of literally every Z32 area and fitting GTR R35 ignition coils under a factory plenum was quite a task. We had a few kinks in the first batch of 5 kits, but I have addressed those immediately and sent everyone replacements at no cost. This kit is now completely ironed out and has been tested on different engine management systems. If you are considering ANY other smart coil, please don’t waste your time. I spent enough of my time and funds to confirm that GTR R35 coil is bar none the best factory solution to all Z32 ignition needs. I am currently the only person who offers GTR R35 conversion kit for Z32 300ZX. Not many people still invest time in developing new products for this platform, but I absolutely love these cars and have a notebook full of projects that I plan to release as soon as my time will allow.


The point of this post is to announce an official group buy for Polar Engineering Ignition Coil Mounting Plate Kit. I gathered a lot of information and requests from all those who expressed interest in this kit and I decided that the best way to go about doing this is to only offer a full, complete kit in this group buy. GTR R35 ignition coils (as they come from the factory) need different coil boots, boot spring modifications, removal of PTU and new EFI harness connectors to work in Z32 300ZX. I want to offer a complete kit that will reduce the downtime of your car for installation, offer the best price on brand new made in Japan coils, offer as close of a plug-and-play kit as possible, reduce soldering that is required for installation and deliver a product that will be ready on install right out of the box. Buying used ignition coils at a junkyard will not save you a significant amount of money, but will only put you at risk of buying a malfunctioning unit that would not perform as expected.


If you have been considering this conversion kit or even remotely want to purchase it in the future, now would be a perfect time. I have some downtime with my regular job right now and I have just enough time to process this group buy. Once this group buy is processed, I am not sure if I will be running another batch of these kits in the near future. I have another huge project that will need attention right after this group buy and I assume that all those who are interested will act now. My merchant is set up to accept PayPal Credit payments which will allow you to break the cost down over the period of 6 months without interest. I am doing absolutely everything I can to have everyone taken care of. So once again, if you are considering this kit, now is the time.


This group buy is available to all USA customers with free shipping included. The group buy is available to European customers at an additional shipping cost. For your reference, shipping to Europe should be around $65-85 depending on the exact destination. This group buy is NOT available to customers in South Pacific region. If you fall into that category, please contact your local distributor, Robert Sidaway at RGS Performance to submit your order.




Here are just the few reasons to convert to Nissan R35 ignition coils using Polar Engineering Ignition Coil Mounting Plate Kit.


  • Allows user to run Nissan GTR R35 ignition coils on Nissan Z32 300ZX platform.

  • Upgrades major parts of ignition system to use latest OEM Nissan parts and technology.

  • Eliminates PTU (igniter) that is an inherently problematic part on Z32 300ZX buy replacing it with a bypass harness which is a plug and play installation.

  • Nissan R35 GTR ignition coils use 3-wire connectors just like Z32 and require no additional wires unlike many other smart coils on the market

  • The only GTR R35 ignition coil kit on the market that clears factory Z32 intake manifold.

  • Nissan GTR R35 ignition coils allow to run larger sparkplug gap without spark blowout issues at high boost levels. Larger spark plug gap provides a more complete burn and smother idle.

  • Nissan GTR R35 ignition coils have been proven way past 1800hp mark and have unmatched reliability with no documented cases of failure

  • Polar Engineering kit mounts the coil outside of cylinder head casting reducing heat soak, reducing chances of pre-ignition that is common with inadequately cooled LS coils and prolonging trouble free operation for years to come


Here are the contents of a kit that would be delivered in this group buy:


  1. New Nissan Z32 300ZX CNC Laser Cut Ignition Coil Mounting Plate Kit for GTR R35 Coils (laser cut aluminum mounting plates, powder coated matte black, black low profile hex head hardware). This kit is only available in that color combination for group buy. If you want a different color, the best I would be able to do is sell you bare aluminum, uncoated plates. If you want a custom color, you would be able to have them powder coated or sprayed on receipt. Bare aluminum plates would be at the same cost.

  2. New Hitachi Nissan GTR R35 Ignition Coils (made in Japan, set of 6)

  3. New Application Specific Ignition Coil Boots to Fit R35 Coils on Z32 Cylinder Heads*

  4. New Nissan PTU (igniter) Plug and Pay Bypass Harness (one per kit)

  5. New R35 Ignition Coil Pigtail Connectors (set of 6, will need to be soldered into EFI harness)

  6. Installation Manual With Detailed Instructions

  7. Free shipping in the 50 states (I am based out of California and everyone on west coast will likely have USPS Priority shipping since cost difference is negligible. Those living past mountain time zone will likely have their orders shipped with USPS Ground service)

*Ignition coils and boots will come assembled with all necessary modifications to internal boot springs completed and ready to be installed in mounting plates.


Now, let’s talk timeframe. I do not want you to feel like this would be dragged out for an unspecified period of time and have to ask me as to when the group buy kits would get processed and shipped. Again, just like you, I want to have this group buy processed as quickly as possible so that you would have your parts delivered before you even know it and I could move on to my next project. I have some downtime with my regular job and I want to have the group buy processed within the next few weeks.


Current time frame:

  • Announcing group buy and gathering orders via my site. Group buy will run for 3 weeks (until Friday, November 15th). My target for this group buy is 20 orders. If we get 20 orders before that date, I will begin processing the group buy early. You will have an opportunity to submit your order on my site and pay using PayPal.

  • Submitting laser cutting order, having mounting plates fabricated and shipped. That stage takes 7 business days from the time of being submitted to order arriving at my shop. The service that I use for CNC laser cutting is very punctual and I do not expect any delays with them.

  • Inspecting the order and getting ready for powder coating. This is the most time-consuming part of the whole project since laser cutting aluminum leaves a burr that needs to be removed before powder coating. Processing all plates will take 5-7 days.

  • Powder coating. All plates need to be cleaned and bead blasted before processing and processed in one single batch to get consistent coverage and color. Form my previous orders, I expect this to take 5-10 days.

  • Assembling and packing. While this can be done quickly, I want to take time with assembling coils/boots to make sure the internal spring would be positioned perfectly to reach the spark plug. I also want to be 100% sure that there are no mistakes during packaging process. I want to allocate 5-7 days for this step, but again, it may be processed sooner.

  • Shipping. I expect for it to take no longer than 6-7 weeks from the time that group buy is announced to all orders being shipped. USPS domestic shipping usually takes 2-7 business days. The closer you are to California, the quicker it will be.



In the rare case that the target number of 20 orders does not get reached by November 15th, I will evaluate the final order count and make a decision on whether the group buy would be going forward. The only reason I am able to still offer these prices is if we have a large batch going into manufacturing and powder coating. Doing small batches makes production costs skyrocket. I want to deliver to all those who contacted me to run a group buy, but at the same time this group buy would be a LOT of work that needs to make sense to me as well.

If we fail to fill this group buy, all those who submitted and paid for their orders will be refunded in full no later than Sunday, November 17th. I will not be taking any funds out of my merchant account until I start processing the group buy. If we fail to fill the batch, the funds will go right back to you. For that reason, please Share! Share! Share! this group buy with anyone who you think might be interested.


Now, the important stuff. Pricing…

Production costs have been going up over the past 4 months quite significantly. The costs for wiring components have increased as well. I am offering this group buy at a lower price than I charged for a full kit back in May. This is the last time I will be offering old prices before I have to raise them.


The way you will be able to track the current count of a group buy participants is by me displaying the product as group buy on my site were you will be able to submit the payment. I will post the group buy with an inventory of 25 units, which will be the maximum number you will be able to select to purchase. As new orders will be coming in, they will start decreasing the number of kits in inventory and the maximum purchase number will start doing down. I want to keep everyone’s information confidential and I think this is the best way for you to track real-time count of orders submitted in group buy.


The cost of a complete kit in this group buy is $640 shipped anywhere in the 50 states for USA customers. For European customers, it is $640 plus the exact shipping fees to your location.


If you have ANY questions, or if there is anything that I did not over, please message me and I will have that addressed. Other than that, everything is as self-explanatory as I could make it and straight to the point.


Again, I would like to thank everyone who expressed the interest so far and hope that you would take this opportunity to convert your ignition system to modern and more reliable Nissan technology.


Thank you.

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