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R35 Coil Kit Order Status

March 27th, 2020


Thank you to all those who recently placed an order for a Polar Engineering R34 ignition coil conversion kit for Nissan Z32. I created this page to let you easily follow processing steps of your order.

I have now submitted an order to get the plates CNC laser cut. I also ordered a few extras to have in stock. As of right now, the CNC shop is operating as scheduled and should process our order in timely manner. As stated above, I expect to receive the plates at my shop on April 7th and continue with further processing and powder coating.

All my other vendors seem to be operating as well and as of right now I am NOT expecting any delays due to coronavirus situation. If anything changes, this page will be updated immediately to let you know what is happening.

If you have ANY questions, please submit a contact request on the site, email me, or send a personal message on Facebook. That is the quickest way to get a response.

April 2nd, 2020


Everything is progressing as planned. Actually, a bit ahead of schedule.

It looks like the mounting plates have already been CNC laser cut and have been shipped to my shop. They should be here on Saturday.

Once they are here, it usually takes me about 2 days to go through the plates and deburr them. I want to be able to drop them off for powder coating this coming Monday.

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